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Introducing the breathtaking 14K Rose and White Gold Sylvie Collection Leaf Ring, a true masterpiece of fine jewelry that seamlessly blends nature's beauty with exquisite craftsmanship. This unique ring showcases a splendid Grossular Mint Garnet, a gemstone that is renowned for its enchanting green hue and measures an impressive 1.07 carats, with a dazzling 6.3mm size, sourced from the mesmerizing landscapes of Tanzania.


But the allure doesn't stop there. This remarkable piece is adorned with a stunning Diamond Halo, featuring a total of 35 brilliant diamonds that add up to a sumptuous 0.35 carats. These diamonds boast an exceptional SI1 clarity and radiate a brilliant G-H color, ensuring that your ring sparkles with unrivaled elegance. Each diamond is masterfully cut in the classic Round Brilliant Cut, guaranteeing maximum fire and brilliance.


The Sylvie Collection Leaf Ring is not just about its gemstones; it also boasts a unique and intricate Leaf Undergallery Detail. This artistic touch pays homage to nature's grace, infusing the ring with a sense of life and vitality. The combination of rose and white gold adds a delicate contrast, enhancing the ring's visual appeal, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion.


Grossular Mint Garnet - 1.07 carat, 6.3mm, Tanzania 

Diamond - 35 = .35 carat total, SI1 G-H, Round Brilliant Cut 


14KR/W Sylvie Collection Leaf Ring with Diamond Halo and Grossular Mint Garnet

SKU: 200-579
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