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Introducing the Dutille's Jewelry Design Studio 14KW Diamond Band – a true masterpiece of elegance and craftsmanship. This exquisite diamond band is designed to capture hearts and light up the world with its dazzling brilliance.


Crafted with the utmost precision, this band is made from luxurious 14-karat white gold, renowned for its timeless beauty and enduring quality. The band features a stunning array of 12 exquisite diamonds, meticulously selected and set to perfection. These diamonds, with a combined weight of 0.25 carats, are of the highest quality, boasting VS clarity and E-F color, which means they are exceptionally clean and radiant.


What sets this diamond band apart is its bead set precision cut. Each diamond is delicately nestled within its own bead setting, ensuring that the stones are not only securely held but also strategically positioned to maximize their brilliance. This meticulous arrangement creates a captivating play of light, with the diamonds shimmering in unison like a constellation of stars.


Made by Dutille's Jewelry Design Studio

14KW Diamond Band.

Diamond - 12 = .25 carat total, VS E-F, Bead Set Precision Cut


14KW Bead Set Precision Cut Diamond Band

SKU: 110-308
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