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At the heart of this enchanting piece sits a dazzling round-cut diamond, weighing 0.70 carats. With a clarity grade of SI1 and a color grade of I, this diamond sparkles with brilliance, enhanced by its excellent cut and symmetry. Set in a lustrous 14-karat white gold setting, the diamond takes center stage, captivating all who behold it.


Surrounding the radiant diamond are two lush emeralds, each measuring 4.8mm and totaling 0.86 carats. These precious gemstones exhibit a rich green hue that evokes feelings of opulence and luxury. Set in warm 14-karat yellow gold, the emeralds create a striking contrast against the white gold setting, adding depth and dimension to the design.


Diamond - .70 carat, SI1 I, EX VG EX Round

Emeralds - 2=.86 carat total, 4.8mm



14KY/W Diamond and Emerald Ring

SKU: 100-278
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