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Introducing the exquisite 14K White Gold Green Sapphire Ring with a captivating Cushion Shaped Diamond Halo, Diamond Shank, and delicate Milgrain detailing, a masterpiece handcrafted by Dutille's Jewelry. This enchanting ring combines timeless elegance with contemporary flair, making it the perfect embodiment of your unique love story.


At the heart of this captivating creation lies a magnificent .91 carat round Green Sapphire, sourced from the gemstone-rich lands of Madagascar. Its lush, verdant hue is a symbol of growth, harmony, and renewal, making it an ideal gemstone for those who appreciate the beauty of nature. The 5.6mm round cut of the sapphire adds depth and dimension to the gem, ensuring its brilliance is on full display.


The sapphire is lovingly embraced by a scintillating Cushion Shaped Diamond Halo. Glistening with a total of .28 carats of VS2 clarity E/F color diamonds, the halo creates an enchanting play of light that enhances the sapphire's allure. The diamonds' exquisite quality ensures a radiance that will last a lifetime, symbolizing the eternal nature of your love.


The White Gold band of the ring is adorned with a timeless Milgrain design, a delicate touch that adds a touch of vintage charm to this modern masterpiece. The intricate detailing elevates the overall design, making it a unique and cherished piece of art.

Each ring is meticulously crafted and bears the mark J3166, a symbol of authenticity and craftsmanship.


Made by Dutille's Jewelry.

Sapphire - .91 carat, 5.6mm, Round, Madagascar

Diamond - .28 carat total, VS2 E/F


14KW Green Sapphire Ring with Diamond Cushion Halo

SKU: 200-561
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