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This exquisite pendant combines timeless design with the mesmerizing allure of a 6.0mm round Aquamarine, sourced directly from the pristine mines of Brazil.


Crafted with precision and passion, this pendant features a Milgrain Bezel Set that not only enhances the beauty of the gem but also ensures a secure and seamless setting. The aquamarine, known for its soothing blue hue reminiscent of crystalline waters, captures the essence of tranquility and grace.


The pendant is suspended from a delicate yet durable 14KW chain, measuring a perfect 18 inches.


Made by Dutille's Jewelry Design Studio.

Aquamarine - 6.0mm, round, Brazil

Chain - 14KW 18"


14KW Round Aquamarine Necklace , Milgrain Bezel Set Pendant

SKU: 230-806
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