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Introducing the epitome of elegance and sophistication – the 14K White Gold Sapphire Ring with Diamond Halo, meticulously crafted by Dutille's Jewelry. This exquisite piece of fine jewelry is a testament to timeless beauty and expert craftsmanship.


At the heart of this ring lies a resplendent sapphire gemstone, weighing in at a captivating 0.82 carats. This stunning round-cut sapphire, measuring 5.4mm in diameter, hails from the famed gem mines of Sri Lanka, renowned for producing sapphires of unparalleled quality and brilliance. The rich, velvety blue hue of this sapphire exudes an air of royalty, making it a true centerpiece of this ring.


Surrounding this mesmerizing sapphire is a scintillating halo of 12 round-cut diamonds, collectively weighing 0.30 carats. These diamonds are of the highest quality, boasting a clarity of VS and a color grade of E/F, ensuring that each facet shimmers with exceptional brilliance and fire. The diamond halo serves to accentuate the sapphire's beauty, providing a radiant frame that exudes opulence.


The 14K white gold band complements the gemstones perfectly, its lustrous and enduring nature serving as a backdrop to the dazzling display of the sapphire and diamonds. The band's classic design and timeless metal choice make it a versatile accessory, suitable for any occasion – be it an engagement, an anniversary, or simply a statement piece to elevate your everyday style.


As a testament to the quality and authenticity of this remarkable creation, each Dutille's Jewelry piece comes with the unique identification number J3043, guaranteeing its origin and quality.


Made by Dutille's Jewelry.

Sapphire - .82 carat total, 5.4mm, Round, Sri Lanka

Diamond - 12= .30 carat total, VS E/F, Round 


14KW Sapphire Ring with Diamond Halo

SKU: 200-567
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