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This pendant features a radiant ruby gemstone, boasting a captivating 0.32 carats and measuring 3.9mm in diameter. The deep red hue of the ruby adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to this beautiful accessory.


Crafted in luxurious 14-karat yellow gold, the pendant is meticulously designed with a bezel setting to enhance the ruby's brilliance and ensure its security. The bezel setting not only adds a modern twist to the design but also protects the precious gemstone, making it a durable and lasting piece.


The pendant is accompanied by a delicate 14KY cable link chain, measuring 0.88mm in width. This fine chain complements the pendant perfectly, adding a touch of refinement to the overall aesthetic. The combination of the rich gold, vibrant ruby, and intricate chain creates a harmonious and eye-catching ensemble that will elevate any outfit.



14KY Ruby Bezel Pendant

SKU: 230-811
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