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Introducing our exquisite 18KY and Sterling Silver Fancy Cut Tourmaline Pendant with Bezel Set Green Tourmaline and Two Accent Sides featuring Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds. Handcrafted by the renowned artisans at Dutille's Jewelry Design Studio, this remarkable piece is a testament to both skillful craftsmanship and the mesmerizing beauty of natural gemstones.


Stunning Features:

Fancy Cut Tourmaline (9.03 carats): This pendant boasts a magnificent centerpiece - a 9.03-carat Fancy Cut Tourmaline. This vibrant gemstone, with its fancy cut, exhibits a captivating play of colors that will catch the eye and captivate the soul. Its unique shape adds an element of elegance and intrigue to the design, making it a true statement piece.


Green Tourmaline Accents (2 x 0.60 carats, 4.3mm): Flanking the centerpiece are two Green Tourmaline accents, each weighing 0.60 carats. These richly hued gemstones, measuring 4.3mm in diameter, provide a harmonious contrast to the central green Tourmaline and enhance the overall visual appeal.


Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds (10 x 0.17 carats total, Round): Adding a touch of luxury and sophistication, this pendant is adorned with ten Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds. With a combined weight of 0.17 carats, these sparkling diamonds create a beautiful contrast to the green and offer a subtle yet radiant brilliance.


Sterling Silver Wheat Chain (18"): The pendant is elegantly suspended from an 18-inch Sterling Silver Wheat Chain, combining classic charm with contemporary design. This chain not only complements the pendant but also ensures a comfortable and secure fit around your neck.


Made by Dutille's Jewelry Design Studio.

Fancy Tourmaline - 9.03 carat, Fancy Cut

Tourmaline - 2= .60 carat, 4.3mm

Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond - 10 = .17 carat total, Round

Chain - Sterling Silver Wheat, 18" 


18KY and Sterling Silver Fancy Cut Tourmaline Pendant

SKU: 230-784
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