Shinola Runwell Sport Chronograph - The White Hurricane 48MM


A little about this watch - 

Precision is everything. Inspired by the Great Lakes Storm of 1913, historically known as the White Hurricane, the latest 48mm Runwell Sport Chronograph is crafted from ultralight, ultra strong titanium—like its sister watch, the Black Blizzard. 


Tough enough to weather any storm, the White Hurricane’s core attributes elevate it as a trustworthy timepiece. From the titanium case and strap to the double-domed sapphire crystal, it’s tough enough to weather any storm. And in every squall, there’s a light. The entire face of the White Hurricane’s dial glows blue in the dark—like a beacon in a storm. 

To celebrate this extraordinary watch, each comes with a custom display box, additional black rubber strap, and story book that dives into the inspiration behind the watch. 


Shinola 48mm Runwell Sport Chronograph
Titanium case and strap to the double-domed sapphire crystal

The White Hurricane Runwell Sport Chronograph

SKU: 530-250