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Remounting jewelry involves removing the gemstones from their existing setting and making a new one, to update the look of a piece of jewelry or to replace a damaged or worn out setting. Browse through some of our past projects, which we call collections, for some inspiration for your own project.

Custom Platinum Diamond Ring B&A
7 Stone Diamond Pendant B&A
Hand Fabricated Platinum Cabochon Sapphire Ring B&A
14KTT Graduated Bead Set Diamond Ring
14KW Semi Bezel Diamond Ring
Custom 14K Diamond Ring Remount B&A
14 KY Custom Ring B&A
Emerald Cut Sapphire Vintage Inspired Ring B&A
Yellow Gold Bezel Set Diamond Eternity B&A
Diamond Halo Ring for Customers Sapphire B&A
Three Stone Family Ring B&A
Cushion Cut Ruby B&A
Hand Engraved Converted Watch
Diamond Halo B&A
Diamond Halo Ring B&A
White Gold Bezel Set Diamond Eternity B&A
3 Stone ByPass B&A
Emerald Cut Diamond B&A
Three Stone Bezel B&A
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