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Distinctively individual jewelry by E.L.Designs
E.L. Designs is a leading design studio offering American-made fashion jewelry for today’s competitive marketplace.

E. L. Designs, led by the visionary and creative talent of Peter Tonjes, produces fashion forward, unique jewelry designed to provide the wearer with a lifetime of pleasure and inspiration. Because E. L. Designs are hand-crafted, not mass-produced, each piece is imbued with unparalleled beauty, function and quality. Delightful jewelry and jewelry suites from E. L. Designs define the fashion jewelry and sterling silver market.


Located in the quaint Victorian village of Cambridge in upstate New York, E. L. Designs has been producing original, heirloom quality jewelry for over 70 years. Inspired from its inception by the vision “to create a sense of wonder while expressing something significant”, E. L. Designs is home to a dedicated team of artisans who employ age-old techniques as well as cutting edge technology and only the finest metals and stones, to carry out that vision through three-dimensional wearable works of art.


Distinctly alluring designs with unique functionality and timeless beauty set E. L. Designs apart from trends and other jewelry designers. E. L. Designs Jewelry is an experience that will delight you today and for years to come.

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