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This pendant is a true testament to the artistry of fine jewelry, featuring a dazzling 8.6mm Chrysoberyl at its core, emitting a mesmerizing aura that captures attention with every glance.


The focal point of this celestial wonder is a resplendent 8.6mm Chrysoberyl, skillfully set to resemble a shooting star streaking across the night sky. The warm, earthy tones of the Chrysoberyl are complemented by the rich allure of the 1.78 carats of Brown Zircon, adding depth and character to the piece. A testament to nature's beauty, the Brown Zircon adds a touch of warmth, resembling the soft glow of a celestial body.


There also includes a brilliant VS2 E diamond, weighing in at a remarkable 0.24 carats. This premium diamond is meticulously set to enhance the overall radiance of the pendant, creating a celestial sparkle that mirrors the brilliance of a star. Surrounding the central elements are an additional 20 diamonds, totaling 0.10 carats, accentuating the celestial motif and adding a celestial shimmer to the pendant.


Chrysoberyl - 8.6mm

Brown Zircon - 1.78 ctw

Diamonds - .24 ct VS2 E, and 20=.10 ctw

Metal - 14KW

Chain - 18"


14KW Chrysoberyl, Brown Zircon, and Diamond Shooting Star Pendant

SKU: 230-802
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