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Crafted with precision and passion, these stud earrings showcase the allure of Montana Sapphires in a classic martini setting.


Each stud features two dazzling 4mm round Montana Sapphires, carefully selected for their vivid blue hue and exceptional clarity. The total carat weight of 0.32 ctw ensures a subtle yet captivating sparkle that effortlessly complements any ensemble.


Sourced from the renowned Rock Creek mine, these Montana Sapphires boast a unique and enchanting charm. Nestled in the embrace of high-quality 14-karat white gold, the martini setting enhances the brilliance of the gemstones, allowing them to radiate a mesmerizing glow.


Two 4mm round Montana Sapphires. .32 ctw.

Rock Creek 


14KW Montana Sapphire Martini Studs

SKU: 210-1188
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