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This stunning pendant features a pear-shaped diamond of 1.20 carats, graded I1 for clarity and G for color, ensuring a mesmerizing sparkle that captures the essence of sophistication.


Adding a pop of color and vibrancy to this already enchanting piece are 10 1.4mm Ruby gemstones, carefully set around the central diamond. The rich red hues of the Rubies complement the brilliance of the pear-shaped diamond, creating a harmonious and eye-catching design.


To enhance the overall allure, the pendant is adorned with 22 smaller diamonds, totaling 0.17 carats. These diamonds form a dazzling halo around the central stone, their VS clarity and EF color ensuring a brilliance that radiates luxury.


Diamond - 1.20 carat I1 G Pear Shape.

Halos - 20= 1.4mm rubies and 22= .17 carat total VS EF diamonds

Chain - 14K White Gold, 18"


14KW/R Pear Shaped Diamond Pendant with Ruby and Diamond Halos

SKU: 160-388
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