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Crafted with precision and passion, these earrings feature two stunning 3mm round Alexandrite gemstones sourced from Brazil, renowned for their mesmerizing color-changing properties.


The allure of Alexandrite lies in its chameleon-like nature, displaying hues that shift from rich purples and blues to vibrant greens depending on the lighting. Our carefully selected gemstones are set in lustrous 14-karat white gold, enhancing the inherent radiance of the Alexandrite and providing a luxurious backdrop for their natural beauty.


The unique design of the Infinity Setting adds an extra layer of sophistication to these stud earrings. The graceful curves of the infinity symbol not only represent eternal love and unity but also create a seamless and harmonious backdrop for the dazzling Alexandrite stones.


Two 3mm round Alexandrite(N) Brazil, earrings - infinity setting.


14KW Round Alexandrite Studs in Infinity Setting

SKU: 210-1193
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