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At the heart of this captivating piece is a breathtaking 10x6.7mm sugarloaf cut moonstone, weighing an impressive 2.55 carats. The sugarloaf cut enhances the natural allure of the moonstone, creating a mesmerizing play of colors that dance within the gemstone. Its ethereal glow and iridescence make it a unique and enchanting focal point.


Surrounding the moonstone is a brilliant halo of 22 diamond-cut sapphires, meticulously set in 14-karat white gold.


Moonstone - 10x6.7mm sugarloaf cut

Sapphires - 22 diamond cut sapphires

Chain - 14KW 18.5"


14KW Sugarloaf Cut Moonstone Pendant with Sapphire Halo

SKU: 230-796
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