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At its heart lies a mesmerizing 5.4mm round Teal Sapphire, radiating with a rich teal hue that enchants the beholder at every glance.


Surrounding this stunning sapphire are 28 brilliant diamonds, totaling 0.40 carats. Crafted to perfection, these diamonds boast exceptional quality, with a color grade of EF (Exceptional White) and clarity grade of VS (Very Slightly Included), ensuring maximum brilliance and sparkle.

The intricate design of this ring, marked by its luxurious 14-karat white gold setting (X1), adds a touch of timeless allure to its already mesmerizing beauty.


5.4mm Round Teal Sapphire.

Diamonds 28 = .40ctw EF VS


14KW Teal Sapphire and Diamond Ring

SKU: 200-603
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