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Crafted from Damascus stainless steel, this bracelet is a testament to both strength and style.


The metal itself is a work of art, with a history dating back centuries. Damascus steel is renowned for its extraordinary durability and exquisite patterning, which is achieved through a labor-intensive forging process of two different stainless steels. This bracelet's unique patterns, reminiscent of rippling water or swirling smoke, make each piece one-of-a-kind, giving you a truly exceptional and unique accessory.


To further elevate its visual impact, the bracelet features a black oxide finish. This blackened surface adds a layer of sophistication and edge, giving the piece a modern and striking appearance.


This piece is a perfect way to add a bold statement to your cycling interest.


Made by Chris Ploof Designs in Leominster, MA.

Chris Ploof, Men's Damascus Chain Bracelet

SKU: 750-154
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