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This exquisite ring is a celebration of love and commitment, featuring seven dazzling oval-cut diamonds meticulously set in a shared prong setting. With a total carat weight of 1.5 ctw, these diamonds are of exceptional quality, boasting VS2 clarity and a radiant F-G color grade.


Crafted from lustrous platinum, the band itself is a symbol of enduring strength and enduring beauty. The shared prong setting not only enhances the brilliance of each individual diamond but also creates a seamless, continuous flow of sparkle that encircles the finger with unparalleled grace.


The oval-cut diamonds, known for their brilliance and distinctive shape, add a touch of sophistication to this band.


Diamonds = 7= 1.5 ctw, VS2 F-G (oval cut)



Platinum Shared Prong Seven Stone 1.5 ctw Diamond Band

SKU: 450-125
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