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From timeless classics to modern designs, our selection features exceptional craftsmanship and the finest materials. Browse through some of our past projects, which we call collections, for inspiration for your own custom necklace.

14KW Multi-Color Montana Sapphire Mountain Pendant
Twilight Collection Necklaces
14KY & Oxidized Stainless Steel Pietersite Pendant
14KW Pear Shaped Aquamarine Pendant With Sapphire Halo
Hand Fabricated Platinum Oval Emerald and Diamond Pendant
14KW Diamond and Ruby Pendant
Opal Pendant
Bezel and Bead Set Diamond Pendant
14KYW Madagascar Sapphire and Diamond Bubble Pendant
14KW 3CTW Station Necklace
Peridot and Diamond Pendant
14KW Aquamarine, Sapphire and Diamond Bubble Pendant
14KW Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant
Garnet Station Necklace
14KW Pear Shaped Diamond Pendant
14KW Multi-Color Sapphire Bubble Pendant
14KW Diamond and Trillion Cut Tanzanite Necklace
14KY Hand Engraved Rubellite Tourmaline Pendant
Untreated Cushion Cut Turquoise and Diamond Pendant
14KY Pea Pod Pendant
Cluster Pearl Pendant
14KR Hammered Freeform Diamond Bubble Pendant
Tanzanite, Spinel and Diamond Bubble Pendant
14K Multi Color Gold Vine Slide with 5 Diamonds
14KY Custom 3.52 carat Ethiopian Pear Shape Opal Pendant
Custom 14KY Liberty Coin Pendant Mounting
Ruby Pendant
14KW Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Bezel Pendant
Ethiopian Opal and Diamond Halo Pendant
14KY Hand Engraved Mexican Fire Opal Pendant
14KTT Ruby and Diamond Pendant
Tourmaline & Diamond
Trillion Cut Aquamarine Pendant
Tsavorite Garnet & Diamond Circle
Two Tone Tourmaline with White & Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds
Watermelon Tourmaline & Diamond
Yellow Sapphire & Brown Zircon Double Halo
Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant
Souffle Pearl with Leaf Cap
Sapphire & Emerald Diamond Cluster
Rutillated Quartz & Yellow Sapphire
Pear Shaped Diamond Pendant with Ruby Halo collage
Pear Shaped Ethiopian Opal & Demantoid Garnet
Pietersite & Andradite Garnet
Pink Souffle Pearl with Diamond Cap
Multi Color Sapphire & Diamond Bubble
Multi Color Garnet Bubble
Kissing Hand
Oval Sapphire & Diamond Circle
Bezel Set Brown Zircon Cap for Customers Elk Tooth
Bi Color Tourmaline & Diamond
Rose Cut Sapphire & Double Row Diamond Halo
Cushion Cut Ruby & Diamond Halo
Diamond & Tsavorite Garnet Clover
Diamond Cluster Pendant with Hand Engraved Flower
2.16 carat Oval Sapphire & Bead Set Diamond
14KW Pear Diamond Pendant
Aquamarine & Diamond Halo
14KW 2.65ct Cushion Cut Aquamarine Pendant
Rose Cut Sapphire & Bezel Set Diamond
Ethiopian Opal with Tsavorite & Diamond
Souffle & Fancy Colored Sapphire Pendant
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