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  • Bi-Color Tourmaline: The centerpiece of these stunning earrings features a pair of bi-color tourmaline gemstones, weighing a total of 1.63 carats and measuring 7.7x4mm. Sourced from the gem-rich regions of Brazil, these tourmalines showcase a captivating blend of colors that change with the light, making each earring a unique piece of art.

  • Mint Round Tourmaline Accents: Adding a touch of refreshing color, two 3mm mint round tourmaline stones (0.20ctw) are meticulously set to enhance the overall charm and sophistication of the design.

  • Fresh Water Pink Pearls: The earrings are elegantly adorned with 9x9.5mm fresh water pink pearls, known for their lustrous sheen and delicate hue. These pearls provide a classic contrast to the vibrant tourmalines, creating a harmonious balance of color and texture.



14KW Tourmaline and Pearl Earrings

SKU: 210-1233
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