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At its center lies a mesmerizing 6.7mm round pink tourmaline, boasting a generous 1.26 carat weight. Renowned for its exquisite hue and natural allure, the pink tourmaline exudes femininity and grace, adding a touch of romance to any ensemble.


Enhancing the allure of the centerpiece are dazzling diamonds adorning the band. With a total carat weight of .20 ctw, these diamonds are delicately set along the band, imparting a subtle brilliance and adding a timeless sparkle to the ring. Each diamond exhibits impeccable clarity (SI1) and radiates a bright white hue (GH), ensuring a breathtaking display of light and fire with every movement.


Meticulously crafted in 14 karat yellow gold, the ring exudes a warm and luxurious glow, complementing the vibrant hues of the pink tourmaline and the brilliance of the diamonds.



14KY Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

SKU: 200-609
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