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This stunning piece is a celebration of luxury, featuring a captivating 2.95-carat tourmaline at its center, radiating an alluring hue that captures the essence of sophistication.


The tourmaline, a precious gemstone known for its vibrant colors, takes center stage, its rich tones drawing the eye and creating a focal point that is both distinctive and refined. Set in a meticulously crafted 14-karat yellow and white gold pendant, the seamless blend of metals enhances the overall allure, providing a complementary backdrop to the gemstone's brilliance.


Surrounding the tourmaline are 47 dazzling diamonds, totaling 0.35 carats. These diamonds boast a remarkable clarity of VS and a color grade of EF, ensuring a display of pure, radiant sparkle that accentuates the pendant's inherent beauty.


Tourmaline - 2.95 carat.

Diamonds - 47=.35 cts VS EF

Metal - 14KY/W

Chain - 18"


14KY/W Tourmaline and Diamond Custom Pendant

SKU: 230-801
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