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Each earring features a captivating 9.2x7.8mm Watermelon Freeform Tourmaline, showcasing a mesmerizing blend of lush greens and deep pinks, reminiscent of a slice of watermelon. These unique gemstones are celebrated for their vivid colors and freeform shapes, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.


Complementing the tourmaline are two exquisite 2.5mm round Pink Spinels. Their delicate, sparkling hues add a touch of refined sophistication and perfectly enhance the earrings' overall allure.

Set in 14-karat yellow gold, these earrings not only radiate timeless beauty but also represent a commitment to sustainability. The recycled gold used in their creation ensures a responsible and ethical choice, without compromising on quality or style.



14KY Watermelon Freeform Tourmaline and Pink Spinel Earrings

SKU: 210-1234
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