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Introducing the Extraordinary Gibeon Meteorite Ring by Chris Ploof Designs.


Behold a celestial masterpiece crafted by Chris Ploof Designs, the Gibeon Meteorite Ring, a true fusion of natural wonder and exquisite artistry. This remarkable piece showcases a captivating slice of Gibeon meteorite, renowned for its otherworldly origin, nestled within a wide 18K palladium white gold channel. With its slightly rounded profile, this ring is more than a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of the infinite wonders of the universe.



  • Metal: 18K Palladium White Gold
  • Meteorite: Gibeon Meteorite
  • Profile: Slightly Rounded
  • Width: 6mm
  • Finger Size: 9.5


A Cosmic Connection: The Gibeon meteorite is more than a mere accessory; it's a connection to the cosmos itself. This extraordinary material, formed billions of years ago in the depths of space, lends an air of mystique and unparalleled elegance to this one-of-a-kind ring. Each distinct Widmanstätten pattern, created during the meteorite's journey through the cosmos, tells a unique story in every ring.


Elegance in Simplicity: The wide 18K palladium white gold channel surrounding the Gibeon meteorite centerpiece exudes timeless elegance. Its slightly rounded profile ensures a comfortable fit, making this ring not only an aesthetic marvel but a joy to wear every day.


Custom Tailoring: We understand that the perfect ring is a reflection of your unique style and personality. If the available size of 9.5 doesn't match your finger size, fear not. We offer the option to custom order this captivating design in a wide range of widths and your desired finger size. Your ring will be crafted with the same dedication to quality and artistry that defines all Chris Ploof creations.


**Please allow for 4-6 weeks on a custom order. Price may vary based on the ring size and metals**



Made by Chris Ploof Designs in Leominster, MA.

Chris Ploof, Men's Meteorite Canopus Wedding Band

SKU: 480-02
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