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"You had the power all along my dear." It's true! Our "Dorothy" sterling silver medallion is an inspiring and empowering reminder for you, a friend or family member that anything is possible. When did you have the power?


The Dorothy makes the perfect jewelry gift for yourself or anyone with whom you want to share its empowering message. Whether it is celebrating a milestone goal or important life achievement, the medallion is a gift that will inspire anyone special in your life.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Available without a chain, 18" Sterling Silver Chain with a loops at 17" and 16", 22" Sterling Silver with loop at 20", or 17" Black Steel Chain with a loop at 16" for adjustability.
  • Charm measures 1" High, 1/2" Wide
  • Wear alone, as a layered necklace, or added to your Monica Rich Kosann Charm Bracelet!


Material: Sterling Silver. Charm Measures: 1" Tall by 1/2" Wide. Chain Options: No Chain, 18" Silver Chain (Loops at 17", 16"), 22" Sterling Silver Chain (loop at 20"), or 17" Black Steel Chain (Loop at 16"). Made in Thailand.



"Dorothy" Sterling Silver Medallion

SKU: 630-637
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