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Introducing the exquisite 14K Yellow Gold Blue Zircon and Diamond Pendant, a masterpiece by Dutille's Jewelry Design Studio. This enchanting piece of jewelry is a celebration of elegance and style, meticulously crafted to adorn your neck with grace and radiance.


At the heart of this pendant lies a mesmerizing Blue Zircon, a true marvel of nature, boasting a remarkable 0.91 carat weight. This vibrant gemstone measures 5.05mm in a perfectly round cut and has undergone a careful heating process to enhance its brilliant blue hues. The Blue Zircon's radiant and captivating charm is sure to capture the attention of all who behold it.


Complementing the Blue Zircon is a delicate .10 carat Diamond, adding a touch of timeless sparkle to this pendant. The Diamond's brilliant clarity and sparkle create a harmonious contrast with the vivid blue of the Zircon, making this piece truly exceptional.


To complete this masterpiece, the pendant hangs gracefully from a 14K Yellow Gold Cable Chain, 18 inches in length. The rich, warm glow of the yellow gold perfectly complements the stunning gemstones, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. The secure and elegant chain ensures that this pendant rests comfortably on your neckline, allowing the gemstones to shine brilliantly.


Made by Dutille's Jewelry Design Studio.

Blue Zircon - .91 carat, 5.05mm Round, Heated

Diamond - .10 carat 

Chain - 14K Yellow Gold Cable Chain, 18" 


14KY Blue Zircon and Diamond Pendant

SKU: 230-764
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